A present from the employees of O & G Rushton Ltd

When my great grandmother married in March 1910 the employees at her father's business presented her with this tray. I do hope that they genuinely wished to buy her a wedding present. Though not on the same scale, I can't help thinking of those dubious tributes to Scottish lairds dotted around Highland villages...

The plaque (see the extra) reads: 'Presented to Miss Prestt on the occasion of her marriage by the employees of O & G Rushton Ltd March 16th 1910'.

As of yesterday, the tray is mine (so as long as my sisters don't notice mind). This morning I set about giving it a good old clean. Even Mr hazelh couldn't resist joining in. We're very pleased with the result. I have included a 'before' picture as an extra for comparison.

Given that I am still not well enough to engage in any other physical activity, I polished the silver too. This afternoon I tried to continue some work on a journal article, but I wasn't really up to it. However, I have to say that I feel a lot better and should be firing on a few more cylinders tomorrow.

Exercise today: none (still ill).

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