Ramblings and Mutterings

By ValleyAllBlack

A Normal, Special Day

My longest trip for what feels like over a year.

I booked today off and decided to go up to London and see a Proms concert.  I may be limited in what I can do these days, with dialysis and all that, but I can't let it stop me enjoying life.

I arrived in London around lunchtime, checked into hotel, a quick bite to eat and then I headed out.

My first stop was the Natural History Museum.  This was my first ever visit, and it was pretty awesome!  I was worn out from all the walking I did, in the few hours that I had in there.  There's so much to admire and learn from there, it really is incredible, just a book day there though.  This is Hope, the skeleton of a Blue Whale which hangs from the ceiling as you came in.  Magnificent!

Went to grab a bite to eat, a very disappointing burger.  How is it possible to create a bland, tasteless burger?  I shall not be returning to that establishment.

A walk through Hyde Park then, and to admire the Albert Memorial.

And finally the Proms at the magnificent Royal Albert Hall, a great place for gigs on any music front.  Three words sum up tonight's Prom, funny, bonkers, serious.  The bonkers one was really bonkers, the alphorns were brilliant, but there didn't seem to be a tune around it.  It felt like a classical version of jazz, and I hate jazz!

Now got to make it back for Big D.  But today was brilliant, experiencing new things and forgetting all of my troubles.

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