If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

Excuse me this table is reserved.

While the trail camera has shown regular visits by the squirrels we haven't seen them much during the day.  Today "Fishtail"  (so called because of the deep V in the end of its whitish tail) was running round the lawn at 8:30.

On and off during the day this one, (recognisable by the dark stripe down the back and along the tail) was on and off the bird table eating the black sunflower seeds. Between the visits a young Stock Dove arrived at the table.  It is only this year the Stock Doves have been brave enough to come to the table.  They have visited for a few years but only on the lawn and below the table.

Then the squirrel arrived back!  I am not sure who was most startled the squirrel or the Stock Dove.  They sat at opposite corners of the table and eyed one another up.  The Stock Dove made the occasional flap at the Squirrel and the Squirrel made the odd lunge towards the bird.  Finally the Squirrel dodged across the table and pushed the Dove off.   Game over.

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