Day two of Apple Camp today. It's Coding with Sphero this week which Miss E did a couple of years ago and loved it.
It started off well enough today. The sessions don't start until 4pm so we had a lazy day at home before heading off to Milton Keynes. 
First of all it was to the hairdressers. I always know it's time to get their hair  cut when it is no longer possible to get a brush though it no matter how much conditioner we use!! The woman obviously accurately gauged my skilll level when it comes to their hair and offered to give them both French plaits (see extras) Very pretty!!   
From the hairdressers we went to B&Q to look at ceiling lights for the living room. I hate the ones that are there and have been planning to change them since we moved in but I can't find any I like!! There are some OK ones in B&Q which are cheap enough. I suspect whatever we get will become invisible soon enough it's just a case of changing shiny brass for something duller and less blingy!!!
From there we went to park in the multi storey car park for Apple Camp. Weirdly it was closed. Well there was a surly woman in a hi-vis jacket standing self importantly in front of the entrance refusing to speak to anyone who stopped to ask her why it was closed. Cars  were streaming out so it can't have been full. I wondered if it was being evacuated for some reason 
We found a space in the extortionately expensive parking outside, called Mr K and asked him to pay for parking via his app because I didn't have any cash (and couldn't be bothered to ring up and be told to do something followed by the hash key a thousand times) and then set off to Claire's  Accessories for them to spend some of their pocket money. 
You'd think it was a holiday camp they were so excited!! There was hardly a hat, necklace, scarf, headband, glove, feather boa or face mask they didn't try on!! See extras for us all being a bit silly!
Apple Camp was pretty hideous. Miss L dashed off the minute they had to work with partners, made friends with a boy and refused to even speak to Miss E. 
Miss E was devastated - despite saying before camp on Monday that she didn't want to work with Miss L. Careful what you wish for!!! - and sat trying not to cry, all alone and left out. 
Rather than join another group she just sat on her own looking heartbreakingly sad.
I sat there trying not to cry, wishing I could wave a magic wand and make everything easier for her. Not just Apple Camp obviously. Everything.
I went to chat about what she was doing and ask if I could help with the game she was coding. But no one else was stuck with their Mum. Everyone else was having a blast. Sigh.
And when she did finish her code it turned out her Sphero was broken. Sometimes a cloud of doom and gloom just follows her around. Like bloody Eeyore!!!
Anyway, it ended eventually. I told Miss L in no uncertain terms what I thought of her behaviour and we drove home. 
Naturally they were fine after five minutes. Messing about as usual, singing their Sisters, Best Friends Forever chant and straight out onto the trampoline. Infuriating!!!

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