Can you guess what I’m doing today?  Apart from playing around with pegs that is, and thinking about something to Blip for Wide Angle Wednesday!

I used to be the "Queen of the Tumble Drier" until I realised that (1) it was costing a lot of money and (b) that it was shrinking some of our clothes - well that’s our excuse - it could be that we were getting a little broader in the beam - but I prefer to think that the tumble drier was shrinking them!

I thought it would be too shocking to photograph the clothes that are actually pegged on the line - particularly as they are underclothes and it might just offend someone, so decided to photograph some of my multi-coloured pegs instead.  I also thought I should do the washing before tomorrow, when we are expecting a visit from our friend, Heidi - she wouldn’t want to see our undergarments flapping about in the wind, especially if it is warm enough to sit out and eat our lunch!

I’m sure you will spot the odd one out.  I remember buying these special “Soft Grip” clothes pegs at the Lakeland shop, when I was working in Bath, some years ago.  This was one of those “magical” shops I could never go into without buying something, and I’m sure many ladies are the same.  We need that special mat that goes in the vegetable drawer in the fridge and the little lemon shaped thingy that goes in the dishwasher to stop it smelling - oh and don’t forget the special spray that is good for worktops in the kitchen to clean, polish and protect.  I could go on, but I’m sure you get my drift.

So do we really need all these “new-fangled” things or could we manage without them?  Society and the media tells us we need them, but what’s wrong with the old-fashioned things - like my old clothes pegs.  The “soft grip” ones are good, and it’s true they don’t leave annoying marks, but they don’t grip the clothes line quite as well as the old ones, so things move around and bunch up together.

Perhaps in this day and age, we need to decide what is important and perhaps indispensable, and what is essential and crucial for our wellbeing.  I know clothes pegs don’t come into those categories, but worth thinking about for other things in our lives.

“There are times in life 
     when people must know 
          when not to let go. 
Balloons are designed 
     to teach small children this.”
Terry Pratchett

P.S.  Since writing the above, have had several WhatsApp conversations with Heidi - she isn't coming to us now (I could have done the washing tomorrow!) but we are going for a pizza with her at the camp site where she is staying.  All change!  As I often say, life is never boring!! ;-) 

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