0108 - Primer día de la ola de calor

First day of the heat wave.

I was up and early on the beach. Before 9. We went out with the dogs little after 7. It was nice and cool around 26°C at that point. Sun only just rising, so it's not a burning sun at that point. When I walked back from the beach (2,5km) I was soaking wet. My sunglasses couldn't stay on my face as my face was so wet. But still worth it. The difference between the same beach in the morning and basically any time after that until it's dark is amazing. My morning beach is so tranquil and empty and beautiful. After that it's crowded, loud and wearing. I wanna go there to enjoy refreshing floating. Not to get exhausted.

So first really hot day here. Will be mostly spent inside. The house is nice and cool especially if we turn on the air con couple of times a day. Luckily the new houses also keep the cool in. The old houses just leak all the heat / cool out to the world.

I'm really worried for the people in Portugal where it might go as high as 51°C in the shade. That's just gonna kill people.

Ps. Heat here begins at 30°C. Before that it's only warm.

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