Birthday collage.
Just some things out of my day.

You can also see what the weather was like when I was born and what we are heading into. Today it's only been "sensación térmica" 33, but tomorrow it will be 41°C. So the heat wave begins tomorrow. We will not have it that bad. Parts of Portugal and Spain might go to 50°C and 51°C as actual temperature in the shade. We'll go to 33°C for a solid week. Sensación térmica only going as high as 44°C. I think people will die of this heat wave. :-(

I had a fab morning swim nearly alone in the beach and then a friend joined me and brought me a birthday present with her. I also had an evening swim at the same beach today and around 8 pm it was still very crowded. So I think it will be only morning swims for the August. It's just so much nicer atmosphere.

And to prove how hot it is, I have eaten cake only once today. Usually I would have one small piece left for tomorrow, but now there's nearly the whole cake. It's just too hot to eat anything but watermelon or smoothies.

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