If you look close enough you can spot few of my evening walk companions.

It's hot. And it's getting hotter. The African heat wave is arriving on 1st of August and staying at least 6 days. Feels like temperatures will rise up to 44 c. 

Today I have washed the floors after yesterday's rearranging of furniture. Yesterday I only handled the dust on furniture. Then I put together (sewing) 2 dresses that I cut the day before yesterday. Did some pilates (hot pilates as it's just so hot) and went to store to buy a birthday cake for me for tomorrow. I wanted to spend my birthday in a clean house and not have to worry about dust or dirt or sand inside.

BTW, Once again I remember why it's good to have air conditioning. We mainly used it in the evening to cool down the house before going to bed. It also has two 30 min runs on timer for the night. So we are able to sleep pretty good. (Longer time will make us too cold. And it's on 25°C.) But as the nights get hotter we might need to add one more cooling period for the night. believe it or not, but inside temperature of 27°C feels cool.

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