First we took a swim first thing this morning when the pool opened. Niklas and I were there good half hour. After that we felt pretty pleasant. For a short while.

Then we took a trip to the beach during the afternoon. Around 2 pm when it's supposed to have less people there. Boy was there cars everywhere. We went swimming on a nice cove, but it was not a sandy beach, so we had to very carefully step over some stones to get to the deeper area to be able to swim.  At first I took some shots of a dress I made. I was trying to find a place to put me feet on that was not a stone. And I felt something move and WALK across my foot! It was the size of an adult fist and it went quickly about 1 meter and then it stopped. First I thought it was a turtle, but I guess that would not be like, so the assumption is that it was a crab. It was brownish color. I asked Santa Pola Turismo in Twitter what they thought it most likely was and the answer was a crab. I was told that there used to be a lot of those some time ago, but today they are hard to find. I'm glad that one guy was alive and doing well.

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