By HeidiHH



No beach today. I had the window cleaners this morning. I just wanted them to do the huge window from inside and outside. And they did. Two guys working for an hour. They had to do both sides 3 times because of all the construction dust and muddy raindrops. Guess how much they charged?


It's just too little. I tried to offer them ice creams, but they didn't want that. If the next door now have finally stopped the renovations (there still was some action last week), we can have the window cleaned more regularly. There just wasn't any point because we were covered in dust every week. And if they had come and they'd be breaking tiles or bricks next door, it would just been a huge muddy mess.

So after they left, I cleaned the floors, put the curtains back and the yard furniture. And then continued to clean the bathroom and after some cleaning I just start to see dirt everywhere where I have not been cleaning, so the project just continues. I feel like the whole day has been spent cleaning. And getting ready for tomorrow.

The zero day.

I have a birthday tomorrow. A big one. So I turn the big five o, but the day you are born you are actually 0 days old, so in my mind it's not until day after tomorrow that my numbers actually change.

Anyway we have some neighbors and friends coming for cake and cava tomorrow. I have bought one cake that is 1,8kg and another one that is 950g. Everyone has some issues about what they can eat and what not and all of them are different, so... I just hope everyone can drink something or eat something. And that we have enough for all. I've invited 12, but 11 have told they are able to come.

Tomorrow hopefully starts with a nice relaxed beach session early in the morning, but we are not setting an alarm this time. Then we'll have lunch outside a some nice restaurant and then the Garden party starts at 5 pm. I was first talking about just out "front yard", but David pointed out that it sounds so "common", so I changed it to Garden party :-)

I stand corrected.

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