By HeidiHH

31072019 - The Big Five-0

Self portrait.
Me doing what I like best during the summer.

It's been a very scheduled day. I was hoping to have a good swim this morning, but the winds were so strong that the beaches were red flagged again. So I was getting soaked by jumping in the waves at bit over knee high - safely.

We went out to have Asian food for lunch.

I tried to take a nap after that as I didn't have that great night last night.

The guests started to arrive around 5. We had to stay inside as it was just too stormy to be outside.

But we fitted all right. There was 12 of us at best. People seemed to enjoy themselves. I thought they stayed longer than expected. I started to get pretty tired at some point but then I rallied up and was better.

So much cleaning to do tomorrow too even if I already did the floor and set up the dishwasher. I got lots of chocolate and mug and cups and Cava!  Also loads of cake in the fridge. Have to freeze most of it tomorrow when I'm not so tired. All and all a small success I think.

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