The first pint (and five in a row)

Warwick backblip 1

Up at 4.30am, car and caravan packed, and on our way to Warwick Folk Festival just after 6.00am. The organisers had requested that we arrive before 1.00pm and, this year, we actually made it before then! Despite the convoy of 5 double-decker buses proceeding at a very stately pace down the A1(M) in front of us... (extra).

It was HOT and humid when we arrived, far too hot to put up a gazebo and set up the stall. But we did it all the same! By the time the sun went down and the lights on the stall were lit, it was much cooler and much more pleasant, and just before we packed up for the night we indulged in a well-earned, cool pint of cider. The first of several...

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