Cat on a cool wooden roof

Rather a cool day today, with a few attempts to rain which so far haven't come to anything. 

Seem to have caught a relatively rare cold - must be chatting to all those folk at the Photo exhibition! - so haven't been any further than the garden today to fill out the six bird feeders. We have three each side of the house - peanuts, seed and fat balls. 

While I was out I thought I'd take a plant picture as a Blip, but then Susie chose to jump up on our covered garden seat, from which one set of feeders is suspended, and gave me my picture for the day.

I've put a fern picture on as an extra though it's not a very good one. Dryopteris erythrosora, the Autumn fern from East Asia, with its colourful new growth. This is just to prove that not all ferns are bracken, as someone once tried to insist!

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