The bear and the beauty...

Warwick backblip 3

Good to see Boris the Bear and his minder (aka Trefor and June) this morning, who came to say hello before they headed off in to Warwick to entertain the crowds. Couldn't resist a shot of Denny (who sells lovely clothes) taking a photo of them.

After spending the morning on the stall with MrM, I walked in to Warwick to watch the Morris procession and have a wander round the town. It was very pleasant on the way there but, just after the dancers started off, the heavens opened. The extra shows some of the guys from Earlsdon Morris Men. The dancers continued in the rain, and I did a little shopping before walking back down to the festival site. Drenched - and very glad that I'd taken a waterproof with me!

The temperature dropped and rain continued for a few hours - heavy enough and blown horizontal by the wind so that, at times, we had no option but to shut up shop for a bit to protect the instruments. It cleared just in time for Les Barker, poet extraordinaire, to perform on the outdoor stage late in the evening.

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