By cyclops


I spent most of the day at the Turing Festival (see extra image 1), which is a great event for tech startups covering everything from technology to product management, leadership and marketing.  Thought provoking.

This evening was the first night Pleasance Courtyard opened for the festival, so as tradition dictates I wandered over for a beer or two with friends.  

We ended up getting some free tickets for "Richard Todd: We Need the Eggs" (see extra image 2).  A new comedian in a tiny room - the very essence of the fringe.  He was good - he bills himself as an absurdist but he's not gone too far down that route.  In many ways he reminded me of early Billy Connolly standup in some aspect of delivery and the way the set was put together.  He was good - not great, but he did pretty well for a first night in a half full tiny room with an audience of about 20!

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