By AMK81

Graffiti Vs Street Art

I came into Manchester today to meet a lady who is running a mindfulness course starting next month. We met at Manchester Buddhist centre to discuss me supporting her in running the course. It's standard in Breathworks mindfulness to have someone in training to support you in a course and it's a mutually beneficial arrangement.

I got to Manchester a little early and thought I'd have a wander round Ancoats and the Northern Quarter and see some of the street art and graffiti. I found a few pieces I'd not seen before down random back streets. But was drawn back to the Dale Grimshaw piece that was done in 2016 for the 'Cities of Hope' project. There was some tall chicken wire gates across the car park blocking some of the view. But there was also a lot of really cool graffiti on the boards. After taking a few photos of both individually I decided to get them both in one shot. I love the contrast between the harshness & stark colours and lines of the graffiti and the more muted, beauty of the street art. I tried finding the title of the Dale Grimshaw piece but was unsuccessful. I did, however, find out there will be a new 'cities of hope' in Manchester in September - once again bringing the best street artists in the world together in Manchester :)

And the lady I met was lovely too :) We're meeting again before the course starts, so I'll look forward to that.

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