By AMK81

Picnic in the park

I had planned to have a photo from the outdoor performance of Romeo and Juliet in Heaton park tonight but they wouldn't allow photos! I was a bit miffed as we could take them when we went to watch A Midsummer Night's Dream last year with the same theatre company (Feel Good Theatre Productions). Though it wouldn't have made much difference in the end as my phone battery died pretty early on.

So NellieD suggested I take a photo of my picnic feast! I'd gone along with her book club, and my mum booked a ticket last minute. I also got a photo of one of the bees in the park - but I feel as if I want a change from posting bees! :)

The production itself was brilliant. Really well acted and very entertaining. They'd injected a bit of humour info the play (without it being too over the top). And the singing they'd put in was excellent. The girl playing Juliet had an especially lovely voice :)

(The food is marinaded tofu pieces - Thug Kitchen recipe - roasted pepper and tomato, corn on the cob and mixed salad leaves with balsamic dressing) yum! :)

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