By AMK81

Cool, cool air

Ok, so today's blip is a little weird. But I was so thankful of the air conditioning on the replacement bus home from work today! It was a teeny coach and so hot when we boarded at Manchester. Really stuffy, and there were no windows to open. I was just starting to despair when the air conditioning turned on! We all seemed to breathe a sigh of relief as the wonderful cool air started circulating. I did take other photos today - the Manchester Doodle Bee near Piccadilly train station, an actual bee on some buddleia on my way home from Westhoughton train station, and some photos from the coach - but this one has a memory of a moment of relief knowing I wasn't going to have to suffer over an hour of stuffy horribleness. And as my mum pointed out it kind of looks like a face! How could I not post it...

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