By AMK81


I was playing with my macro lens for my phone again in the garden, taking some photos of flower buds at various stages of their life. I looked to my right and saw some black along the edge of some tiny leaves. I looked closer and saw a caterpillar, and others close by. So I decided to train the macro lens on them. I'm amazed at how much detail you can see in such a tiny creature! I love macro photography! :)

I've had a pretty lazy Sunday today and thoroughly enjoyed it. Had a lie in, caught up on people's blips (and Instagram), shaved an undercut into the side of my hair, made myself a yummy lunch (and extras for tomorrow), spent time in the hammock - reading, writing poetry and watching the skies - and then playing with macro photography. Perfect day! And tea is leftover stir fry from last night - yum! :)

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