creative lenna

By creativelenna


"ground" was the prompt today, 8/2 for the August Break 2018

It's funny, I often eschew (deliberately avoid using; abstain from) prompts . . did not use them at all for the Index Card project this year and it suited me just fine. But I LIKE using prompts for this photography project! Read more about it at the link above. It's a no pressure type of thing and you can join in whenever you want. I am going to aim for doing it daily and plan to often combine it for blip by using one of my prompt photos. I'll be adding more of what I took today for this prompt HERE, if you are interested!

The ground in florida is different than in other places I've lived. We have shell cover and ground cover . . . it just seems different than let's say Connecticut where I grew up, or Boston, where my kids are. It was interesting to LOOK at the ground around me, searching for my photos. I like how so far these prompts are prompting me to see more! 

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