creative lenna

By creativelenna

Lightning . . .

Lightning our cat, not lightning in the sky! Although we do have a lot of lightning in the sky, this time of the year. Summer is the rainy, stormy season for us and we are very near Tampa, Florida... considered the lightning capital of the world.

I'm working with the theme of "skin" for day 3 of the August Break photo project. I decided to try some close ups of our cats as I did not know if I would take photos of my skin or steve's. I took this extreme close up of Lightning (top photo) and thought it looked wacky, but Steven loved it. He told me it was so cool and wide angled. He suggested to think about sharing it instead of deleting it!  So, I decided to use it by including it with another photo I love. Together they made a wacky cat combination! 

I chose another photo for the challenge, find it HERE.

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