The Making of Harry Potter

Today (that was Wednesday) I took my daughter and granddaughter to “The Making of Harry Potter”.  A double burpday pressies treat (that’s one each).
I have just two regrets with our visit:
First I did not take the D7 and relied on my telephone which, in good light, provides great shots – but NOT in low light hence most of the shots were grainy as h***, and/or full of motion blur.  The Blip is of the main entrance in good light, and here on Flickr is seventy two of the least bad shots. 
Its quite a slog editing over two hundred photos when they are of decent quality, but when the majority are beyond redemption and you want the shots . . .
The second regret was not wearing my sandals . . .
Tomorrow (that’s yesterday at the moment) I have (will) blip my ‘Harry Potter Experience’ passport to prove that I was there, and I’ve yet to take Friday’s blip (that's today).

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