By hjarald

The Heatwave

A tropical unDutch summer where people traditionally pray for has come true and is now becoming our nightmare (as it's also in the rest of Europe)

Global warming is beginning to prove why we should take this issue seriously as we have hitted the hottest temperatures ever recorded and endure alarmingly low levels of rainfall in july.

We've already broken every weather record last month and august seems to be bringing us pretty much the same.

(Downside as you can see in the extra pictures I've had to sleep on the roof terrace as the bedroom is currently understatingly referred to as the sauna, but the upside is you can take some spectacular break of day photo's :-)

For the agriculture and farmers it is has officially become code orange and they are restricted to irrigate their land to a minimum and some aren't even allowed to do that anymore. The next and final level is code red (crisis) and than we can only dream of taking pictures like this.

Let's hope for some cooling rain for the animals, the plants, the land, and... Yes,... also for me :-)

Have a nice day!

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