Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Chalkhill blue on marjoram - #FF3_2018

Origanum vulgare.. and my entry for FlowerFriday.  Many thanks to BikerBear for hosting :)

Today I did a really early one and walked up to Morn Hill.  What a very beautiful morning - and now that it's so hot I can stooge around inside.  Perfect.

The other advantage of that time is that the butterflies were only just warming and waking up, so they were not flitting about so much.  This is a chalkhill blue resting on marjoram and the bright purple blobs are knapweed.  The marjoram has only recently started flowering but now it covers the hill. 

In extras is the smaller common blue on knapweed.  It has its wings spread in the same way.  I thought the comparison interesting.

Okay, that's me for now.  Happy Friday  xx

A list of my blipped 2018 wildflowers to date:

Gorse (or furze);  Wild daffodils
Coltsfoot;  Primroses;  Blackthorn
Greater periwinkle;  Goat willow;  Ground ivy;  Cowslips;  Daisy;
Common field speedwell;  Wood anemone;  Greater celandine
Cuckoo flower (or lady’s smock);  Yellow archangel;  Common dog violet;
Crab apple;  Bluebell;  Red clover;  Germander speedwell;
Three-cornered leek;  Hawthorn;  Yellow flag; Dandelion;  Common vetch; Dog rose;  Green alkanet;
Bramble;  Stinking iris;  Dropwort;  Meadow buttercup; Sweet briar;  Red campion;  Butterfly orchid;  Poppies;  Nettle;  Birdsfoot trefoil;  Meadow cranesbill;  Sainfoin; 
Musk mallow;  Field Scabious; Ragwort;  Rosebay willowherb; purple loosestrife; teasel;  meadowsweet; yellowloosestrife;  Great willowherb;
Water mint; marjoram;  

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