A Shoulder To Lie On

I thought I'd got my blip sorted, I'd even chosen the title, Exciting As Ditchwater. It's a pic of my 'baby' dog looking animated as she emerges from the muddy ditch. (Extras)

When I got in the car to do my usual Friday shop it was low on petrol so I had it washed and filled up. I held the door of the shop open for a beautiful, slim, smiling young woman who was carrying the darlingest tiny baby. I asked if I could take a picture. Don't know what came over me, I can usually take or leave human babies. Maybe it was talk of the babies my granddaughter wants to have when she's finished her studies that prompted my interest? I grabbed my camera from the car and took the pic as though I was behind them in the queue to pay. I love how petrol shop man's smile can just be seen.

The little girl is called Atlana, (not Atlanta) she's six weeks old but tiny as she was born early.   

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