A Slug's Eye View

Not a sight every slug would relish seeing but at least the hedgehog is curled up, that's because the dogs were sniffing around it.
I put a dogs bowl of water down and squeezed a bit of dog food from a sachet beside the bowl to see if it fancies that.
I'll see if it's gone in the morning.
It's nice to have a hedgehog after many years of absence. I mentioned before that when we got Foxy, about 9 years ago, we had to put some wire fencing along the bottom of the gate to stop him getting out. Consequence for the hedgehogs was they couldn't get in.
This small one appears to have squeezed through one corner of the wire.
Because of the lack of hedgehogs I've been collecting the slugs and snails and throwing them over the wall into the bushes but I've stopped doing that now hoping the hedgehog will do the job for me, eating them, not throwing them over the wall.

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