By cyclops

Glitter Boots Saved My Life

I love the the production of Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens I saw in the 90's, and the one last year (with great costumes).

This year's production by Durham's DULOG had nothing like the polish of the earlier productions I've seen, but it had a certain "am dram" charm and behind the terrible props and unimaginative costumes there was some good talent - and by the second half when everyone had warmed up a bit it was pretty good.  

The sound was beyond terrible however.  Most of the vocals were indistinct, and it was impossible to hear a word that Chesty Prospects or Booby Shevale sang.  A shame since what little I could hear makes me think the girl playing Chesty Prospects was probably one of the strongest of the cast.  Some of the cast seemed to have mics that didn't work, and others weren't miked up at all.  The throbbing disco beats sounded more like they were coming from a cheap bluetooth speaker than proper PA.  I'm used to shows early in the fringe still having teething problems, but that was pretty drastic and we were paying full price!  I feel a bit ripped off...

It was interesting to see it in a theatrical setting too - the earlier productions I've seen have been based in more open spaces where you felt "in the club" rather than "in the audience" - with cabaret style seating and Saucy Jack's "bar" at the opposite end of the room from his "stage" (with some of the performers serving interval drinks from the bar).  I think it gains more energy from the audience that way - it becomes more of an "experience".

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