By seizetheday

Arrival of Spring

A lovely day with Tom, Lucy and Jake.

MrM drove me to Berwick, and I caught an early train to Leeds where I met up with L and J. We travelled to Woodlesford to T’s new home, a lovely house, still full of boxes. After coffee and cookies, looking round the house and garden, and then a pub lunch, we all took the train to Saltaire. (This meant running to catch the train in to Leeds, and running for the train to Saltaire...)

At Salt Mill, a leisurely look round the wonderful Hockney gallery (as ever, lilies and opera as well as the art), the book shop, and the Hockney exhibition ‘The Arrival of Spring’. Then a cooling drink sitting outside the pub in the park before returning to Leeds for a meal.

All too soon it was time to say goodbye to Tom, and head off to L’s (shared) house to spend the night.

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