By seizetheday

Leeds Pride

After a substantial breakfast with Lucy and Jake, we had a very pleasant walk in Meanwood Park before walking into the centre of Leeds. Met up with Tom in John Lewis's - a new store in a huge new shopping centre - and looked round at various items that he might like as a housewarming gift. Toaster purchased, we had a light lunch and, as we left the shopping centre, met two wonderful 'winged unicorns'!

We watched the very end of the Leeds Pride procession and, avoiding the huge crowds, made our way to the station via Victoria Arcade. Sadly time to say goodbye to Tom, Lucy and Jake, and catch the train north. How could a weekend pass so quickly?

Needn't have hurried though as the train was delayed, and the connecting train had long gone by the time it arrived in York. Never mind - will apply for my 'delay repay'! A meal at Milan's with MrM when we eventually arrived back in Wooler.

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