Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Stars Over The River Usk

Just before midnight, Bobs Butler service checked that client Mrs BB was settled before heading off to get a blipfoto. I knew it was high tide about midnight so drove alongside the River Usk looking for a viewpoint.

Whilst taking photo's I was approached by a chap and we chatted for quite a while. He introduced himself as Tobias Robinson, lead singer and musician of The Apple Tree Theory Band, quite well known in South Wales as an up and coming band. I'd heard of them as I photographed them a couple of years ago for a local online news website. Lovely guy. It's surprising who you meet when you're out in the early hours!

The extra is of Bomber Pearce statue which was recently unveiled. It of former World Heavyweight boxing champion David 'Bomber' Pearce who died of adult sudden death syndrome on 20 May 2000.

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