a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Lavender Pillow

The weekend is coming to its close, but what a lovely couple of days it has been.  The weather has been the sort of weather we hope for in Portugal or Spain, certainly not what we expect here in the UK, although the folks in Portugal and Spain have been suffering extremes of heat that are more commonly experienced in the Sahara than mainland Europe.

We've eaten our meals outside this weekend, indeed we've been outside for much of the weekend. I even did the ironing outside in the mornings before it got too warm!  We were making the most of it as, from the looks of things the weather is due to turn cooler and wetter this coming weekend.  The garden and the wildlife will be glad of it I am sure.

This is a shot of the bees upon the lavender while there is still a little low sun upon it.  Golden hour had not quite started, but the light was definitely on the wane.  The bees will be off to bed shortly.

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