Had a disturbed nights sleep.  Got up early-ish, sorted the cats out, had breakfast, did some washing up ... then went back to bed.  Felt better the second time I got up.

Walked down to the village to get some fruit.  As I didn't go shopping yesterday I really needed to stock up. I was on my way to the shops when I met a member of my  Slimming Club, then I met another member in Tesco -- and another  when I was walking home.  It was good to have a catch up with each of them - of course the topic of conversation was mainly about what sort of week we were having re weight loss. 

When I got home I sat outside in the sunshine for a bit.  The weather has been warm and sunny all day.

Then I did some gardening in the front garden.  Managed to fill the garden wheelie bin which is due for collection on Tuesday.  I also sprayed weedkiller on the many weeds which have sprung up in the cracks of my block paving.  They are a major problem.  At least the weather was dry and the weedkiller didn't get washed away before it has a chance to work.

Becky has been in touch - she's not a happy bunny as you can imagine.  She's worried about the big plaster she has on her hand/arm as she has running events coming up in the next few weeks - including The Great North Run - and also a holiday in September.  Long distance support isn't easy but I did try to reassure her that the big cast is probably only a temporary one and when she goes to see a specialist the plaster that she will get will probably be smaller and lighter and that she might still be able to run. In truth I really have no idea if she will be able to run.  We will cross that bridge when we come to it.

I took my blip shot in the lane which runs through the allotments.  I like how this branch is making an escape bid through the fence.  Its a bit of an Emergency Blip as you can tell.

Steps today - 9,427

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