Dubrovnik Old Town

Today is the final one of our week in Croatia.  We began our cruise in Split and now finish in Dubrovnik.  Our boat has to moor quite a way from the main town and so we travelled by coach the Old Town.  We had a guided tour, followed by a cable car ride after which we were free to wander as we pleased and find somewhere for dinner before returning to the boat.
Dubrovnik is staggeringly beautiful and today it is hard to imagine how damaged it was in 1991 after the break up of Yugoslavia.
My main shot is of the main pedestrianised street, lined with  beautiful expensive shops and at this time of year extremely busy!  the sky really was that shade of royal blue in the evening and filled with squealing swifts enjoying a last fly round before roosting.  You can see a white streak at the top of my picture, the only record I could get of these well named birds!
My extra shows the Old Town from the top of the cable car ride, taken by Mr MC as I felt rather dizzy when I got too near the edge of the platform.

What a marvellous week this has been, shared with family, seeing the most beautiful country and viewed from the sea is really the best way to appreciate its beauty.

The last of my backblips - now to catch up and get back to browsing and commenting.  Many thanks to all who've followed my journal during the past week.

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