Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK


Had a lovely morning row in my single..nice temperature, little breeze, camera in hand….seals and guillemots, Mostly. 

This afternoon I decided to take time away from the computer projects (catching up on photo art video courses I have that I never seem to finish, organizing my photos and blips , trying to finish the blurb book etc etc etc) and do something MESSY!     so I  gelli printed on old charts as I want to use them in a book which includes these old 5x5 little board paintings that have been sitting around collecting dust.  Have no idea how this will work but it needs to be a blip to remind me to do it!     

I also downloaded a set of painterly actions for photoshop (on sale!) so had to try the illustration one….  (I know, can’t quite get away from that computer!)… One on my other journal (HERE) and one in the extra.   The extra is a scene I took through the window of the cabin this  morning of a boat that tied up to our mooring buoy in front just long enough for a swim!  He was in the cold water a long time.  I think I can get away with this in illustration mode?  Lots of fun experimenting ahead… !

Libby seems the same. (!)

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