Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Vauxhall Station

Another hot and humid day - I was in two minds whether to go up to London as I had planned, as I knew it would be horrible on the train - but after I had done all my chores at home I decided to pop up to London as I had something exciting that I wanted to do.

The exciting thing I planned was to go to Greys of Westminster, the Nikon specialist store, to discuss the trade in of my camera for the Nikon D850, the much lauded and award winning camera which was launched about a year ago. When it came out it was claimed to be the best DSLR camera at the present time, and I have held off getting it since then....but a very generous extra cashback deal from Nikon on trade ins for this camera during the month of August has got me very interested.. and I have a birthday this month so it seemed a worthwhile option to explore. I obviously also wanted to have a look at it. It seems such a good deal that I am seriously tempted....

This is a scene taken at Vauxhall Station - the clouds were rolling in and there were literally a few spots of rain, but nothing to get excited about. I liked this lone man standing waiting for the train. By the time I got home I was so sticky, hot and bothered - I am so looking forward to lower temperatures tomorrow.

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