Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Blairmore pier

Looking up Loch Long past the pier at Blairmore, at the start of the walk my pal and I call "round the block" - a walk that begins at her house and returns after a circle through forest tracks, over the hill and down the golf course. Other days it's slightly longer, as we don't do the golf course shortcut (which I have to say leaves you covered in tiny ticks and jiggers ankles and knees on the steepest bits).

A busy day - coffee with a former colleague who's exactly 20 years younger than I am, and a promise to make a monthly date to do it again; a chat with a man in the bank about how I might be able to make fractionally more interest than I do; a quick tour round the supermarket to find the wherewithal for a delicious lemony prawn and pea risotto (as in I had no peas and no prawns). And then a walk during which we started drafting our parish profile and dictating it (with occasionally hilarious mistakes) into my phone.

And we had the plumber in to fit our non-filling cistern. It'll be a joy not to have to take the lid off every time ...

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