In My Life...

By steeble

Y34R Z3R0 R3M1X3D

Finally..... The day has arrived to get my tattoo redone. It was originally done in Newcastle, and as much as I liked the subject I wasn't 100% happy with the outcome.(like when you take a picture of something that could be awesome but needs a fair bit of photoshopping to get it as you originally wanted it).

Went to the tattooist in Chester le Street where Karl sorted it out today. The colours are more popped and the star is loads better too. Brilliant job... 100% happier with it. So much do I've booked my next one already. He has a 3month waiting list so we swapped email addresses to swap ideas. I won't say what its going to be, but will be blipping it middle of Feb.

Hope you like...

Named this blip after the Y34R Z3R0 R3M1X3D(Year Zero Remixed) album, which kind of fits as it is a remix of the original.(kind of fitting right?) However I'm going to link a different song from Nine Inch Nails as its a really cool and chilled out song but very deep.

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