By Bella888

Wide Wednesday: Forward Planning

Every evening, without fail my wonderful husband, prepares the tray ready for his and my breakfast. A mug of tea for him, my Brittany style bowl of coffee. And one slice of toast with a sliver of butter and marmalade

Additionally when we have guests, he’s even known to lay the table two or three days beforehand! In the blip you can see he’s put out the ingredients to make the vinaigrette for the salads. Otherwise, he is anything but CALM in the kitchen when I’m around!

I can be a nightmare, hovering round looking for splashes of grease, bread crumbs on the floor, or his famed spaghetti sauce splashed on the walls. The two of us in the kitchen is not a recipe for peace.

This afternoon his cousin and husband arrive from Phoenix. Arizona. I’ve never met them. He has met ‘M’ once when he was a teenager. They only stay one night (before heading to Fly Fish up North), staying conveniently in the hotel next door. So dinner at ours and breakfast with them in the hotel perhaps.

So an early blip, then busy, and hope to be able to catch up with you all tomorrow evening.

A bit of tidying and cleaning. And get the food (cold buffet) ready, 6 of us including bro and sis-in-law. STAY CALM & CARRY ON ...

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