Calm (at last) widwed080818

I could do with a little calm ... so going through the entries for Wide Wednesday will be just what I need today :-)

Off to work via the garage to get an ominous suspension noise checked on the car. Fortunately, it turned out to be a loose inspection panel under the engine, and so just needing a re-fix it was much less costly than I expected and they disinfected the air-con so the car now smells like a hospital on inspection day rather than an old library.   Gill's first day back at work, so I made dinner before she came home. 
Not entirely sure why I feel frazzled - all told it was not a bad day!

It was quite grey and dull by the time I was free for blipping, so these Japanese Maples in the garden were the most calm thing I could find, Gill has grown  them from small seedlings and as she is keen on visiting Monet's Garden I have given them a painting filter. 

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