Eat, smoke, love, meow.

By Meowsers

Weekly surprise.

She's my weekly Surprise you see. She popped by yesterday which was lovely as fuck after missing her since saturday. Bowey's was really good by the way, so so high. Aha. But i needed those joints and goes on Harry potter, so I really enjoyed myself.

But no, Bethan came round and we chilled and cuddled and there was one point where, you know when you love someone and you just want them? There and then, you just want to strip them down and run your fingers along their skin and watch them giggle and you want to wrap your arms around their naked body and keep them safe knowing you're completely comfortable with eachother? Well it was like that, I wanted to grab her after having been kissing her really nicely for about an hour, but I couldn't because she has aunt irma visiting, if you know what I mean. Closed for maintenance.. But nevertheless she cuddled and kissed me and made me feel so happy.

We set off one of those fire lanterns and it flew away and we watched in hysterics as it feebly fell to the earth once more next to a nearby tree and we howled. Bethan also nearly had it stuck on her head while trying to light it, so that was hilarious. Brrrrilliant night really. I'm seeing her on Friday :) We got Chinese because it was our 9 months yesterday. Aw we're so cute.

Good evening.

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