Eat, smoke, love, meow.

By Meowsers

Me, myself, and I, only.

Today has been good, I loved it. Spent it with Jam and Paige and Howie, Bowey was ill and some people weren't with us much, but it was still great. Me and Paige got in trouble for creassing at a photo we took on the macs on the 'effects' section on photobooth, which was indescribably hilarious.

Only a day between me and my girl, I can't wait for friday Heh. I'm listening to Now 51, loving the 2005 music. Brilliant times I reckon. I'm doing college work then i'm going to play Harry Potter on my PS2.

Not long till 300 blips. I remember when I started on here, and I wish i'd never introduced some people to my favourite place on the web, because they take their blip for granted and it bugs me endlessly when they just babble on about shit. I mean I do, but I did it first, so it's acceptable.

I love you all, bar a few immature kids I know knock about on here, but other than that, Peace out fellow photographers.

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