By seizetheday

He's behind you!

A full day!

MrM drove us to Wansbeck first thing, as I had a hospital appointment for a gastroscopy. Very unusually, we arrived too early, so spent 15 minutes by the lake at the nearby QEII Country Park. Hundreds of birds on and around the lake - swans, Canada geese, gulls, terns, crows...

The gastroscopy wasn't pleasant, but not nearly as bad as anticipated! The NHS at it's best - professional, friendly, helpful staff and clear explanations of what was happening all the way through. In and out of hospital well within the hour, and left clutching a written report complete with photos of my gut in glorious technicolour. (MrM thought you might like to see them, but I think not!) Nothing to worry about, thank goodness.

Home via the scenic route, and by the time we reached Alnwick the numbing throat spray had worn off and I was ravenous, having had nothing to eat since last night. So it was an early lunch at Grannies, where I devoured a smoked salmon stack.

An afternoon of sorting and filing the huge number of papers that have found their way in to my 'in' tray over the last month.

Accompanied MrM to that bar in Berwick this evening, where he was playing with the jazz band. Great fun, and there was dancing! Had intended to blip a shot of a crow which seemed to be begging for food at the country park, or maybe the hospital pond, complete with fish and ducks. But they've been relegated to extras, as I couldn't resist this one of MrM with the skeleton at that bar...

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