By seizetheday

Whitehall Farm and the Cheviot

After a morning of bookkeeping, and a visit from Liz, Martin and Christina (MrM has been sorting out L's mandolin), came the appointment I've been dreading!

Tuesday's toothache has more or less subsided, but last night I developed a warm, very painful lump on my jaw. The dentist confirmed that it's an abscess,  and I left with a course of antibiotics and a decision to make. To have the tooth out, or have the root canal treatment (botched by another dentist many years ago) re-done  and then a crown fitted... Yikes! What to do?!

Home via the outdoor shop to acquire gas refills for the caravan. And after we'd eaten, a walk along the track in College Valley as far as Whitehall Farm. A little colder than of late, but a beautiful still evening. Getting dark by the time we got back to the car.

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