By seizetheday

View from Clennell Woods

Hoping the antibiotics kick in soon - I feel like a hamster with an uncomfortably full cheek pouch. Apparently, it doesn't look as bad as it feels!

This morning MrM and I set out in the car and managed to achieve several things. First to a farm in the Coquet Valley to buy some meat - it took a while to get there, as one of the main roads through was closed.  Some time ago we resolved to eat much less meat, and then only organic, ethically produced meat. This farm sells meat from animals born and raised there, using traditional methods, and all the animals roam in "a vast abundance of space".

Then on to Clennell, not far away, so MrM could put a squirrel monitoring camera on one of the trees in the woods. I walked up to the woods with him, and this is the view as we walked back to the car.

Alnwick next stop, the long way round via Rothbury, so avoiding the closed road. Had a key cut for the caravan door, had lunch at Carlo's, then did a supermarket shop. Home via the caravan to drop off the gas we acquired yesterday, and to try the new key. It works! (When we're next in Alnwick we must remember to pop in to the shop to pay for it. The lovely lady who cut it insisted that we try the key, and pay only if it works, even though we won't be able to go into Alnwick again for the next couple of weeks!)

Almost tea time by the time we got home, and it will be a working evening. But how lovely to have the flexibility to go out and do things during the day...

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