Abstract Thursday: Fractal "Tree"

Wow, this was a tricky challenge from Ingeborg for AT this week!

I had to start by looking up what fractals are (perhaps I should have contacted our Son #2 for advice, as he has a PhD in Pure Maths!).

Anyway this web page helped. I decided to see if I could draw a fractal "tree" using Photoshop. So I started with a straight brown line for the trunk, then copied it and halved its size and pasted it on twice at different angles to make a "Y". Then I kept copying the "Y" and halving its size and pasting it on time and time again at different angles as you can see (view large for best effect). I had been intending to go on longer but I ran out of time (and patience! - each time I reduced it there were twice as many pastings to do).

To stick to the blip rules I then photographed the computer screen, so this is a real photo taken today. The fact that it's photographed this way has produced some interesting artefacts - the abstract shapes on the background, which I guess is OK for Abstract Thursday!

So thanks to Ingeborg I've learnt a lot in creating this blip!   :-))

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