Oh Bother...!

Regular followers of my journal are probably getting fed up with blips related to the work going on to replace our roof. If so, sorry - don't read any further!

We woke this morning to find that one of our RCD circuit breakers had tripped (there are two, for different parts of the electrics). We then discovered rain coming pouring in down the light fitting on the landing, with sopping wet carpet underneath. A quick look in the loft above revealed water coming from one of the valleys in the roof, which the roofers had tried to waterproof temporarily with felt before they get round to putting the new lead flashing on. Clearly they hadn't predicted the monsoon conditions this morning!

A plastic sheet, cloths and buckets were brought into play and I disconnected the offending light to allow the circuit breaker to be switched on again. We phoned the roofers and they came "as quickly as they could" (about an hour) and "fixed it".

Shortly afterwards the circuit breaker tripped again so we looked round other rooms and found 2 more wet carpets and another dripping light fitting. The connections to that light are much harder to get at so I've had to disconnect the whole of that circuit for now. The roofers came back after another phone call and did some more fixes.

After that the sun came out...but it's raining again now...heavily! (9.40pm). Fingers crossed that the roof will hold for the rest of the weekend, but the buckets are still in place...

Oh, and we have some wallpaper coming off one wall. Well, that bit needed redecorating soon anyway.

(I admit that "Oh bother" wasn't the only expression I used this morning...!)

(Don't worry, the rain hasn't warped the doors - this is a fisheye shot!)

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