Look into my cone ... AT163

First of all, I'm sorry if the optional theme of today of 'fractals' is hard, please remember always that the themes are optional and also you may/can interpret them as you like, with or without editing or using aps !  A fractal is a self repeating never ending pattern on different scales, a mathematical thing, but there are plenty of examples of fractals in nature too, think about the spirals in shells, the shapes of ferns, the regularity of trees and branches. My Blip on Sunday was of a magenta coneflower with an eye-twisting heart pattern. On Tuesday I saw a pot full of bright orange cone flowers and couldn't resist them, so today's image is a square crop of the heart of one of them, resembling a natural fractal, a radiating pattern. No extra distortion, just a crop !

Looking forward to your entries for Abstract Thursday, don't forget to tag it with AT163.

Thanks very much for your kind comments and stars for yesterday's hairy fly :-)

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