Wait, What Kind of Bird Is THAT!?!

I visited the Arboretum in mid-day, and it is a very different place then than it is first thing in the morning, when I'm usually there. I love the lily pond, and that's a big reason why I've been visiting a lot lately: in August, the lily pond is just extraordinary.
Here's a thing to know, though: there are a few water lilies blooming in the morning, but if you go around mid-day, you will see many more gorgeous blooms all over the pond, in every color of the rainbow! I am not so much for the high heat of an August noon, but on this day, that's when I was there. And how beautiful it all was!
I spotted a goldfinch taking a long drink at the lily pond, and you can see that photo in the extras. I promise I'll share more water lily shots soon - and even possibly lotus shots, for I have spotted a lotus bud that should open within the coming few days. It's the first in a very long while, so anticipation is running high.
But the thing that made me laugh out loud on this day is the scene in the photo above. I went to the bird viewing area at the back of the children's garden, and there I saw an unusual, larger, cinnamon-colored creature eating its fill. Wait, what kind of bird is THAT?!
Yes, a chipmunk had jumped up onto the feeder, and it climbed all around, sticking its head into every port, chowing down on the bird food. What an adorable, greedy little critter. It wanted every bite it could beg, borrow, or steal. So here is my soundtrack tune, a song for the hungry chipmunk: Queen, with I Want It All.

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