There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

The Tiny Bunzini Training Program

We have three different sizes of rabbits in our yard right now, and my husband is just about beside himself with happiness. Several years ago, he became pals with one of our yard rabbits, Mini Bunzini. It was a friendship for the ages. 

He taught her to eat from a frisbee. He fixed her a Christmas stocking full of vegetarian delights. He fed her and her friends through the winter, and they kept us well entertained. She became friendly enough to sit under his chair and chin his shoes when he was out. She entrusted him with the friendship and care of her offspring.

No rabbit since then has shown the talents and traits of Mini Bunzini . . . until this one. This rabbit is tiny and adorable. It learns quickly. It seems curious and friendly toward us. It is completely unflappable; it does not move even if you slam a car door. It mostly hangs out under a hedge behind where my Mazda is parked in the drive way.

One day last week, it climbed the first two or three steps of the front stairs, heading for the porch, and had some trouble figuring out how to go back DOWN (don't worry, my husband provided gentle verbal encouragement until it made it safely).

Every day, my husband provides this young bun with fresh water and a small tray of carrot slices. He talks to it constantly. On this morning, I spotted Tiny Bunzini (its working name, so far) eating the carrot slices off the little red tray. My husband spent part of the morning sitting near it in his chair, reading his book. Each day, he moves the chair a few inches closer. This is a rabbit training program, after all!

As I type this post, on Friday morning at home, my husband is out in the yard hanging out with the rabbit, Tiny Bunzini. He came in a little while ago to tell me, gleefully, that the wee rabbit had FLOPPED on its side near him on the pavement. Now, we who know rabbits understand that as a motion of relaxation, happiness, and trust. Things are developing nicely.  :-)

We believe this young bunny has lots of potential, and I have to say that I am delighted that my husband has a new little friend with big ears, whiskers, and a fine cotton-ball tail. We look forward to helping it out during the colder months, as much as we can.

Our yard is a haven for wildlife. We use no poisons or chemicals that would harm them. We mow infrequently. We set out fresh water in several locations throughout the yard. And we provide carrot slices to the smallest and newest member of the Bunzini clan, from an ancient and respected family line. And yes, we do it all with great love.

The soundtrack is Olivia Newton-John with A Little More Love.

P.S. I am adding this later Friday morning because it just happened. Tiny Bunzini was on the drive way, and a blue butterfly landed not far away. Tiny Bunzini looked a little worried about the butterfly, but was also curious. It stretched itself out and leaned forward and tried to touch noses with the butterfly! Of course, the butterfly, intimidated to be approached by such a large creature, flew away! (Now I wish I had a photo of all of THAT!!!)

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