Flower ......

 ........... Friday10_2018   (FF10_2018) - it being the 10th of the month!

Just some weeds flowers at the side of the road  (lovely larger)  as I came back from a breakfast Blipmeet with the legend who is Skeena as he was on his way to Pateley Bridge for a weekend of fun with Matilda**

This is the man who knows where I am before I even get there, the star of guessing the "Where's BikerBear Now?" silly quizzy thing.
He knew exactly where I was this morning at 08.00 ..... sitting opposite him eating breakfast just off the A1.  
Thanks, Skeena and it was lovely to meet you and have a good old chat.
Hope we can do it again.

I am also tagging this for Miranda1008's WildflowerWeek09 Challenge.

~ Anni ~

 **(Matilda is his car btw)

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